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Ferguson Mayor James Knowles - “most famous small town mayor in the world” – a lifetime of service

It took tragedy to put a small town mayor – in this case, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III  -- to thrust him into the world’s spotlight.

But in August, 2014,  with a tragic death in Ferguson, Mo, and the subsequent unrest. that is exactly what happened.

Friends of his in war torn countries, facing Isis and other terrorist groups, -- seeing his picture many times on their televisions worldwide – were concerned for HIS welfare, asking if he were OK!,

Here Mayor Knowles gives interesting information not widely known.

He tells, for instance, of his many nights of serving on “winter patrols,” sponsored by the New Life Evangelistic Center, which city government of St. Louis ordered closed to caring for up to 200 homeless men, women, and children each night.  Mayor Knowles, without publicity, would go about in St. Louis, hunting the homeless who were sleeping outside, offering them help and the option of being taken to the Center (www.newlifeevangelisticcenter.org) for shelter, food, protection, love and care.

In the discussion with the Mayor, I reference a powerful Old Testament story featuring a vineyard owner Naboth, King Ahab, and Queen Jezebel.  (Read it for yourself in I Kings chapter 21.)  Naboth refused King Ahab’s offer to buy the vineyard which was next to the palace.  Queen Jezebel wickedly conspired to steal the vineyard, which was done.  King Ahab got his vineyard, but God sent the prophet Elijah to challenge King Ahab for the wickedness they had done.

The connection  in my mind. NLEC founder and leader Rev Larry Rice has been approached several times by a wealthy land owner to buy the Center’s building to make money from it.  Larry refused to sell.  Now the landowner is a big step closer to possibly getting the coveted building in downtown St. Louis.

Homeless and poor people don’t donate to political campaigns.  Rich landowners usually do – with the intent to get something in return for their political donations.

We will see if my suspicions are confirmed.

Back to Mayor Knowles: a man of integrity, he opposed the shutting down of the New Life Evangelistic Center and their 45 year history of helping the poor and homeless ... without any charge to them ... and without money from the taxpayers to get their marvelous work done.

Earlier radio with the Mayor:  To hear .  “Ferguson Mayor Knowles, his “winter patrols,” opposes closing New Life EC in STL;  Pastor Jose Aguayo” ... click on ... .. http://haroldhendrick.com/content/view/893/5/