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Bruce Somers & Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss invite STL area men to a fine & fun steak dinner!

Bruce Somers leads a ministry to men in the First Baptist Church of Ferguson.  He and Ferguson Chief of Police Delrish Moss, together on radio, share an invitation to St. Louis area men to a fine and fun annual steak dinner.  The next one, as of this message, is on Friday evening, April 1, 2018. 

Ordinarily this would not be a “big deal.”  But with the recent world-wide publicity spotlighting Ferguson...largely pertaining to racial issues  ... Bruce Somers is white and the Ferguson Chief of Police is black, working harmoniously together.

Much of the world might be surprised, but not the people of Ferguson and the St. Louis area.  These fine men in good fellowship want to continue the good efforts related to Ferguson ... to make improvements, making things better, desiring to please God (“... find out what pleases the Lord ...” Ephesians 5:10)

So all men are invited to the steak dinner.  Bruce Somers has sent out many invitations to area churches, black and white.  Reservations can be made by calling the church office at 314 521-1515, or by emailing Bruce at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Only $12.

You can hear Chief Moss and Bruce Somers chat about the invitation ... right now.

Earlier radio with Chief Moss recorded and aired soon after his arriving in Ferguson – after the Chief’s more than 30 year in law enforcement in Miami, FL – is titled ... “In a warm get-acquainted radio visit, Bott Radio greets Ferguson’s new Chief of Police, Delrish Moss” ... It also can be heard right now by clicking on ...http://haroldhendrick.com/content/view/777/5/ .

A few little known Ferguson facts that come to mind...

·         During the 2014 Ferguson unrest, Pastors and other Jesus followers functioned as “people of peace," keeping the situation from getting far worse.  They set up a couple of sizable tents in two areas for prayer, giving out water, counseling, and even providing peaceful music.  “You messed up our plans,” one of those causing destruction was heard to say. 

·         At the time current Ferguson FBC Pastor Joe Costevens quickly convened black and white pastors to work together providing Christ-like leadership seeking peaceful results..  I hosted radio with Pastor Joe and his wife while they and their young children were together doing cleanup in downtown Ferguson after the chaos!    (To hear anytime ... “Pastor Joe Costephens: radio from the streets of the Ferguson, MO conflict; Jesus is the answer” ... click on ... http://haroldhendrick.com/content/view/564/5/.)

·         Just weeks before the 2014 tragedy and unrest, Ferguson Pastor Aeneas Williams (www.thespiritchurch.org) – a well-known African-American, inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame  – was the “Grand Marshall” of the 2014 Ferguson 4th of July Parade. 

·         The night of the 2014 Ferguson tragedy and unrest, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles sought out Pastor Williams for prayer, wisdom, and guidance. 

·         Mayor Knowles ... who has participated in many Christian mission trips ... attends the monthly Bible study of mostly black men led by pastor Williams.

·         For years Mayor Knowles has gone out on winter night patrols sponsored by New Life Evangelistic Center  -- helping homeless people sleeping outside, offering to take them to New Life for shelter, protection, and food ... regardless of the color of those in need.  (The city of St. Louis has now shut down the Center -- www.newlifeevangelisticcenter.org  -- for more than 40 years by respected founder and director Rev. Larry Rice.  More about that sad situation is available at www.haroldhendrick.com.)  

·         An elementary school near Ferguson’s First Baptist Church ... composed of mostly black children ... has had needs met by church member volunteers, such as one-on-one tutoring with the students.   And when the school had building problems, for a time the school children had their class sessions in the church. 

·         First Baptist Church of Ferguson -- in the past nearly all “white,” – according to our previous Pastor Stoney Shaw now is composed by upwards of 30% African-Americans.  Joan and I are in a Sunday School Class – led by Linda Riddlesperger ... that is half black and half white.  Our class and our church is indeed a sweet fellowship!  And yet the destructive mob burned down the “Little Caesars Pizza Parlor” in 2014 right across the street from the church property!