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Zach Fay developed rousing Bible-values video game for kids; www.lightgliders.com; now in 50 nations

How many of us have NOT seen children locked into – maybe addicted, heavily focused, for long periods of time —playing their video games?

It’s the “rage” among children!  Millions of them are playing video games around the world. 

So why not come up with a video game that combines what is exciting to children ... with growing in Biblical, spiritual, and family-strengthening values!!

Zack Fay (Charlie and Edie Fay’s son)  has spent a few years – and raised a couple million dollars – to produce the amazing “Light Gliders” video games!  Under Zach’s leadership in the development he has involved high tech -- Walt Disney type -- skilled animationists, to assure that it is of the highest quality.

Check it out ... and give it a trial run ... at www.lightgliders.com.

“It has just begun, and it is already in 50 countries!”

When Zack came to record radio with me about Light Gliders at the KSIV studios in St. Louis, three of our youngest grandchildren were with Joan Hendrick and me during a series of recordings with different people.  In the coffee room waiting to record, Zack Fay visited with the three children for ten minutes.  When I had completed the previous recording (with Attorney Al Johnson, developer of New Covenant Legal Services to help the poor), our 7-year-old grandson, Sterling Hendrick Burritt, joined Zach and me in the recording area.  With ten minutes of instruction from Zach just before, Sterling was already playing Light Gliders beside us as we recorded.

(Sterling was a “plus” during the recording.)

I committed to Zach my desire to get the Light Gliders video game before Reese Kauffman, President of Child Evangelism Fellowship ,  with world headquarters just an hour west of St. Louis.  CEF is ministering with staff members and volunteers – presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ -- in nearly every country in the world.  See www.cefonline.com.

Perhaps CEF and Light Gliders video game could be some sort of partnership to additionally reach millions more children around the world.


I urge Child Evangelism Fellowship  to “take a good look” at “Light Gliders”  video game as a possible means of advancing the Good News with children all over the world.

(See www.cefonline.com).  

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