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Ferguson Mayor Knowles, his “winter patrols,” opposes closing New Life EC in STL; Pastor Jose Aguayo

Long before there was 2014 “tragic unrest” in Ferguson, Mo, Mayor James Knowles had gone out on many “winter patrols” in the St. Louis region with New Life Evangelistic Center.  In the dead of many winters, he and others have gone out to find homeless people who were trying to sleep outside in the cold.  They would be offered help and, if willing, taken to the shelter where warmth, protection and care were administered by the 45-year ministry that Rev. Larry Rice began and has maintained. 

And now – on April 1, 2017 -- the City of St. Louis is planning to shut down New Life Evangelistic Center (www.newlifeevangelisticcenter.org)  wherein last night – as any night for years – provided care, shelter, and food to 200 people – more or less – for the poor and homeless!

Mayor Knowles opposes the plan to shut down this great ministry.

Care for the homeless poor and religious liberty issues are both victims.

Hosting the Mayor and sitting in on the broadcast is Pastor Jose Aguayo, a “networker” among Christians and ministries in the St Louis region.  Jose is the overseer of the outstanding “adopt a block” ministry with a heavy focus in Ferguson and sharing the Gospel, the chaplain of the Ferguson Police Department,  a Billy Graham Rapid Response Chaplain (https://billygraham.org/what-we-do/evangelism-outreach/rapid-response-team/about/), and a pastor of a local church!

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