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Granddaughter Ashlyn Hendrick is a member of a University Sorority: a pro-life University Sorority!

Granddaughter Ashlyn Hendrick ... firstborn daughter of Lori and Stephen Hendrick of Kansas City ... has already had a rich family history of supporting the lives of unborn children.  Her mother’s mother ... Peggy Fortner of St. Joseph, Mo, her mother Lori Hendrick, and her father’s side of her family ... all have the deep conviction that unborn babies deserved the right to live!

And now -- with 20-year-old Ashlyn a sophomore student at Dallas Baptist University – we are so pleased that she has aligned herself with a group of women students at DBU – around 70 to 90 in number – who are focused on saving the lives of unborn children and helping those mothers.

You will be impressed ... as am I ... at the committed efforts of their parents to be good parents.   (This is true of all three of our children and their spouses.)  Their energies I consider to be among the good reasons that I think of myself as being a rich man ... in the things that count! 

One of the good examples is expressed in the radio I did with her parents ... titled ... “Stephen & Lori Hendrick talk about special wholesome ‘Purity’ weekends with each of their children”  ... available for anytime listening by clicking on ... http://haroldhendrick.com/content/view/447/5/.

As I understand it, each of their children ... Andrew (in the US Air Force), Ashlyn, Avery and Abigail ... treasured this special time they each had with a parent ... “Drew” with Stephen, and , one by one, each daughter with her mother.  (All of them have been on mission trips to other continents.)

Ashlyn received Jesus into her life just about as early as she could!  The impact of it ... her commitment to Him reinforced by the great impact of her parents and others who love her  ... continues beautifully to this day.

 A favorite story of mine is, just after her praying to receive the Lord into her life, she told me: “Remember, Baboo, now when you are hugging me, you are hugging Jesus also!”

She is right!

I hope I have communicated with all 14 of my grandchildren that they are the answers, the fulfillment, to the promises in God’s Word of “blessings” to the second generation!