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Initially aired on AM 1320 in St. Louis, MO
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Approximately 10 minutes each
Abandoned in Trinidad at 3 months, growing up in great trials, Ruby Kendagor now impacts nations!

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Ruby Kendagor  tells her gripping and powerful story.  She and her twin brother were abandoned in Trinidad at age 3 months.  She grew up in an orphanage until age 17 ... then worked in slave-like conditions as a housekeeper and caregiver for children for three years. 

We are thankful that Trinidad had no chapters of “Planned Parenthood.”   Ruby and her twin brother might easily have been slaughtered in the womb.  

It was not until age 20 that Ruby first experienced love.  Anglican missionaries let her know of the love that God had for her through Jesus Christ, His son.  By faith, Ruby received Him into her life, and then ... for the first time ... knew she was loved! 

She and Solomon Kendagor met and fell in love on the campus of a South Carolina University.  You must hear the five points --- qualifications – for which she sought God to provide in a husband.  Solomon qualified ... and won her heart

over in marriage.

She calls her husband King Solomon!”  He calls her “Queen Ruby!”

 For years Ruby and Solomon served as staff leaders in St. Louis, Mo, with the ministry of International Students, Inc  (www.isionline.org).   They have befriended thousands of international students attending universities in that region.  Through the years they served tasty meal with ethnic food to hundreds of students each month in the fellowship hall of Memorial Presbyterian Church.  Sometimes 40 countries were represented! 

As you see the links below,  Solomon is now heard on radio and television by millions each week in his native country of Kenya and surrounding African countries. 

How strategic is this powerful ministry to international students?  Important enough that Ruby and husband Solomon have given decades of their lives.  And in this manner, they impact the world!  It is estimated that one out of every four such students returns to his or her native country to become a national leader there. 

The deep relationships that the Kendagor have established with thousands of students around the world has now led them to even more ministry in sharing the Gospel of Jesus.  So far they have traveled to eight countries, expanding and deepening those relationships.  Their international friends host them as they lead seminars, open to all in the region.   The seminars focus on the Biblical teaching on marriage and conflict resolution. 

Solomon and Ruby Kendagor are able to continue their great ministry of sharing the gospel throughout much of the world by the prayers and financial support of others.  You can donate by visiting www.solomonandruby.com.


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