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Ryan Wagner & Solomon Kendagor: “How to place the ‘Jesus Film’ on cell phones in 1,500+ languages!”


I was absolutely staggered ...amazed ... when Cru’s Ryan Wagner told me the “Jesus Film” can be placed on most cell phones ... with the option of seeing and hearing it in any of over 1,500 languages!!  Many are thrilled when they can see the reenactment and hear the words of Jesus in their native tongue!  

When I told this terrific news to Dr. Solomon Kendagor (www.solomonandruby.com), he got equally excited!  Solomon teaches and proclaims the “good news” to millions of Kenyans ... through radio and television ... each week.  He intends to share with his massive audience in Africa how each one of them can do the same thing!

My wife Joan Hendrick (who does all the “anytime radio” posting on www.haroldhendrick.com) sat in the studio during this recording with Solomon and Ryan.  She followed Ryan’s simple directions ... step by step  ... and  had the Jesus Film on her cell phone on the spot ... before we left the recording studio!

So a part of these 10-minutes of radio is something of a “tutorial” – a tool for teaching -- as to how to place this great film ... and others ... on your cell phone ... and how you can teach others to do the same.

Remember ... The Jesus Film is available in more than 1,500 languages!

This is a wonderful and impacting opportunity for those who befriend and work with others whose language of choice is different than our own.  It is hoped that all of us will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ with people ... everywhere!!!

For more about the Jesus Film, visit www.jesusfilm.org.

This opportunity is ours today.  Be impacted by the reality that – all thought the centuries since God created the universe – we are the first generation ... ever ... that God Himself  has made this wonderful reality available!

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