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Latest Radio Interviews

Initially aired on AM 1320 in St. Louis, MO
Part of the Bott Radio Network
Approximately 10 minutes each
About The Ministry
Welcome!  Joan and Harold Hendrick have been together in marriage and service for a good long time.    “Hendrick Ministries” is based in the St. Louis, MO area and is one of encouragement, connecting many believers with one another to advance the Kingdom of God.

For years Harold Hendrick has hosted hundreds of radio interviews on KSIV-AM 1320 in St. Louis (owned by the Bott Radio Network -- www.bottradionetwork.com). Thankfully, current technology allows us to “post” a growing number of those radio shows on the Internet. Thus you and your group can now select any of the interviews listed herein (usually 10-12 minutes each) for listening at your convenience.

In time, other aspects of the encouragement from Hendrick Ministries will be posted on our site.