The two brief radio conversations herein with Director Jeremy Smith explain the ministry and FA’s “Base Camp.”  In his own words he shares the moving story of his “shaky” and dysfunctional early days in life that resulted in his going to prison.  While there, Christian witnesses in prison pointed Jeremy to the Gospel of John  … wherein he discovered in John 15:15 that Jesus wanted to be his “Friend.”  By faith Jeremy received Friend Jesus … and was wonderfully transformed into forgiveness, joy, and a meaningful life.


From Faith Ascent (  

“Fact:  Between 58% – 88% of professing Christian teens will not carry their beliefs into adult life. When asked why, most claimed ‘Intellectual Skepticism’ was a major deciding factor.

“Fact:  55% of professing Christian teens have not shared the gospel in the last year and 61% of all church attending Christians have not shared the gospel in the last 6 months. 

“Bottom Line:  At least 60% of professing Christian teens will not maintain their beliefs and most Christians are either unwilling or unable to share the gospel with confidence and clarity.  To simply call this a problem is an understatement …


“Most Christian teenagers will wrestle internally with tough questions about their faith. All Christian teenagers will be asked tough questions about their faith by non-Christians. Stats show that most of them are not equipped to deal with these questions.


Faith Ascent is a denominationally neutral teaching ministry serving parents, pastors, and the teenagers they love. Our programs, including our summer camps, are designed to equip Christian teenagers with the tools they’ll need to articulate and defend "the reasons for the hope they have in Jesus.”  (1 Peter 3:15)”


Faith Ascent is a great ministry experiencing success in securing our professing Christian young people in their Biblical faith.  Those of us concerned about helping our children and grandchildren victoriously overcome the “minefield,” the “potholes,” and the “predators” … all capable of shaking the faith of our young people … would do well to take a look … to become involved with Faith Ascent Summer Boot Camp. (